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Our Story

In each one of our products, you can see our story: great design blended with artisan craftsmanship. But that’s not the whole story. It’s our commitment to upholding fair trade practices that makes Mèlange Collection stand apart. 

In small workshops around the globe, skilled artisans bring our whimsical designs to life.  We have been working  the same artisan groups for over 10 years and have developed long-term, committed partnerships that help promote sustainable income, environmental awareness and greater economic equality.  We pay fair prices in the local context, offer fair credit terms and prompt payment; we promote safe and healthy work places and we respect cultural diversity


Since 2005, Sue Edmonds, owner and designer of Mèlange Collection, has traveled the globe working directly with the artisans on new product design and development. These trips offer wonderful opportunities not only for design innovation & collaboration but also to develop more personal relationships with the wonderful people who create our finished products.  From design to delivery, we are involved in every step.

Our core principles are simple:  quality, sustainability and a little bit of fun. We so enjoy creating our line and hope it adds some joy to your home, too! 














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