Spools of various yarn colors and a small scale on table


Our mission is to offer the very best in handmade gifts by blending quality design with artisan craftsmanship. We specialize in knit and crochet toys, ornaments, stockings, and clothing for children. 

For over 20 years, Melange Collection has built meaningful relationships with the same artisan communities around the globe and developed long-term, committed partnerships contributing to sustainable income, environmental awareness, and greater economic equality.


We partner closely with organizations dedicated to empowering women through income-generating projects. Together we create a beautiful assortment of knitted goods for celebrations - unique gifts, new babies, special occasions, and holidays.

Three women working together and looking at their crochet project
Group photo of four women

Designed in Colorado and handcrafted in Peru, Armenia, and Guatemala, skilled artisans bring our designs to life. We pay living wages, offering fair credit terms and prompt payment. We promote safe and healthy workplaces and foster respect for cultural diversity at every step of the process.


Our core principles are simple: Quality, Sustainability, and Fun.

We keep people and planet top of mind by setting high standards for the materials we choose and for an ethical production process. From sourcing to design to finished product, our team is diligent in each step to ensure quality and beautiful items. We believe in making toys and gifts that people are proud to have in their homes. We want customers to love the products and feel good knowing that their purchases were well-made and made a difference.

Group of artisans sitting outside working and child stands facing them
Detailed shot of hands crocheting a cream and white children's sweater


For decades, our business model and your orders have been a catalyst for the socioeconomic progress of artisans and their families. At the heart of Melange Collection is a deep commitment to community, acknowledging the diverse dimensions of lived experiences, and putting people and their well-being at the forefront of all we do.

We foster space for women to work in groups, seamlessly helping and learning from each other. This interconnectedness embodies a spirit of sisterhood and collective growth. At the individual level, we embrace a flexible workplace that offers artisans the autonomy to take projects home to work, and to work at any time that aligns with their personal schedules and familial responsibilities. We're proud that this approach greatly benefits the women we work with, especially those with children.

Collage of different women artisans from Peru, Armenia, and Guatemala


Owner Bethany Therrien is committed to upholding the fair trade practices that make Melange Collection unique. She leads the organization by drawing from her background in non-profit, charities, and cultural institutions. As a designer and natural collaborator, Bethany values artisan partnerships and travels to work directly with artisans to collaborate on new product design and development.
Owner Bethany Therrien in Peru

“I love my work with Melange Collection because I was able to blend my hobbies of design and photography with my appreciation of working for a greater good.”

-Bethany Therrien